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Financial Freedom For Your Business

Financial freedom is achieved through financial control. Too often, and especially in small businesses, we’re experts in the services we offer or the products we sell, but we lack the knowledge or skills we need to confidently run our business like, well, business.

Education is the solution.

By showing you the value of running your company by the numbers, I can help you get the job done better, faster, and more profitably. This is how I run my business, and how I’ll strive to help you run yours..

Who Are We? Where Do We Serve?

We are a group of accountants whose purpose is to, first of all, get your business accounting in order.  However, we aren't going to be satisfied with that.  We want to work with you and help you learn basic business accounting.  This is critical so that you can understand the lifeblood of your business:  cashflow.

Our accounting coaching is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our passion and drive to  help each of our clients is proven in our client reviews and testimonials.

Based in the greater Richmond VA area, we serve clients anywhere within a drive of an hour or so.  And after an initial visit or two, we strive to "tele-compute" with our clients, working remotely and by telephone.  


To work ourselves out of a job.  We want you to want us - not need us.  We want you to understand the basics of the accounting process that sustains your business.


To help you learn about the accounting part of your business so you can make great business decisions in the future.  We want you to not only survive, but thrive.


Business accounting needs an excellent roadmap in order to help your business thrive and grow.  We work with you to formulate a strategy to meet your goals.


Together, we map out a plan for your business.  This helps us quantify your progress of the business and to map out your business needs to strengthen your future strategies.

What Clients Say

I can't imagine running my business without Earl.  Heck, I can't imagine running my life with out Earl!

E-Control Client since 2006